"I am running for Mayor because I have a bold vision for Nashville. I believe that we should be building a progressive city.  A city where everyone from every neighborhood is heard, respected and treated as a full partner in our shared prosperity." -- Erica Gilmore

Election Day: May 24, 2018

Erica has a conviction that if we include each of our citizens, that we can create a city that grows without leaving people behind. Nashville is at a tipping point.  We can become a city where the communities that support our city have access to affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, and have opportunities that encourage health, stability, and prosperity. 

But right now, we are a city in crisis.  Our people, the people who have built Nashville are being displaced from their community.  Our bond capacity is tapped.  General hospital is under duress.  Our schools are underfunded. 

She recognizes that our city is in crisis, and Erica has a vision for what our city could be and a conviction that our path forward means going forward together.

Erica has a vision for this city that includes everyone.  And she believes, over the course of her 11 years on the metro council, she has demonstrated that she has the knowledge, the experience, and the character to see that vision through. 

As our next mayor, Erica is committed to building a city for the people who call Nashville home and believes that we can build a progressive, inclusive city.


The boom city has a deficit. Our bond capacity is tapped. We're struggling to fund our schools. Metro proposed shutting down General Hospital. We need to change our priorities and focus on our citizens. 


Nashville needs 30,000 new housing units in the next 5 years to accommodate our families. As mayor, Erica is committed to building homes that families can afford. 


There are two major health-related crises in our city: access to health care and improving lifestyle choices. Erica will fight any effort to close Metro General as her top mayoral priority. By helping to ease food deserts, and encouraging the growth of affordable access to fresh foods, our citizens' health will improve through better lifestyle choices. 


Erica has supported eliminating cash bail for most offenses and a citizen oversight board so residents will have a say in how police procedures are administered in our city.