Contact: S. Prescott Harris II


I have been a longtime advocate for quality affordable housing. 

Nashville Metro At-Large Council Member Erica Gilmore Issues Response Regarding Affordable Housing Commitment in Davidson County

This press release is in response to an inquiry by Carley Gordon of News Channel 4 regarding my ongoing commitment to affordable housing in Nashville. 

The characterization that I am depriving downtown residents of affordable housing is untrue and a deviation from responsible journalism. Simply because you can print a story does not mean that the story is true and worthy of dissemination. This story is false and consists of the twisting of facts to achieve some agenda that is beyond me. 

I have been a longtime advocate for quality affordable housing. As a property owner, I am providing affordable housing to the tenants that reside at my property at rates substantially lower than market value. 

These tenants may not have had the means to live in Downtown Nashville if I did not offer affordable rental rates and a nice property for them to live. 

There are developers and property management companies throughout Davidson County profiting thousands of dollars more than I am per month for similar properties. Therefore, I cannot be reasonably or responsibly grouped in with those individuals as causing harm to the economic diversity of downtown.  Additionally, I am adding to the economic diversity because the tenants that live at my property are working people. 

In fact, at my current residence, my monthly rent is more than the tenants that reside at my property. I chose to live at my current residence so that my daughter would be closer to her high school, and to reduce the time commitment of maintaining the three bedroom property after my daughter left for college.  Like many other residents in Nashville, I too am trying to navigate the new "It City" -- This is why I am so committed to affordable housing.