Erica has a conviction that if we include each of our citizens, that we can create a city that grows without leaving people behind. Nashville is at a tipping point.  We can become a city where the communities that support our city have access to affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, and have opportunities that encourage health, stability, and prosperity. 

But right now, we are a city in crisis.  Our people, the people who have built Nashville are being displaced from their community.  Our bond capacity is tapped.  General hospital is under duress.  Our schools are underfunded. 

She recognizes that our city is in crisis, and Erica has a vision for what our city could be and a conviction that our path forward means going forward together.

Erica has a vision for this city that includes everyone.  And she believes, over the course of her 11 years on the metro council, she has demonstrated that she has the knowledge, the experience, and the character to see that vision through. 

She is committed to investing in policies that create "One Nashville" -- A city where everyone belongs, one where everyone thrives, one where everyone has a reasonable shot at success. "One Nashville" isn’t only possible, it is within reach.

Erica is committed to building a city for the people who call Nashville home and believes that together we can build a progressive, inclusive city.


Women are the bedrock of our homes, communities, and our nation. We must renew our commitment to helping them reclaim their dreams for themselves and their families. It's about implementing policies and legislation that offer them a helping hand, not a handout. Learn more:


128,000 people in Nashville have criminal records, because of employer biases and state laws, potentially preventing them from even being considered for good-paying employment opportunities. Moreover, thousands of Nashvillians are denied the fundamental right to vote because of regressive state laws that target people with felony convictions. Learn more:


Erica understands the negative impacts that an unaffordable housing market has on the "It City" -- whether it is forcing residents into longer commutes, residing in substandard housing ot limiting economic opportunity. As a result, she is committed to investing in policies that make Nashville more liveable, sustainable and affordable city for all its residents. Learn more:


The overarching challenge facing our county is to position Davidson County to succeed and prosper in the economy of the future. That means expanding agricultural markets and rebuilding our manufacturing base, but it also means training and providing workers for the new occupations and entrepreneurial opportunities that are emerging in a rapidly transforming global economy. Learn more:


Erica is committed to working  with the Metro Nashville School Board, Director of Metro Nashville Public School, the Metro Nashville City Council, labor unions and community stakeholders to ensure that children enter school ready and able to learn, teachers have support and resources to teach, and high school graduates are prepared to pursue colleges and careers. Learn more:


As a city, our divestment in education, job creation, and healthcare has resulted in some communities turning to law enforcement as a first and last resort—from providing student discipline to addressing addiction and mental illness. Reversing this trend by reinvesting in these areas will relieve our overburdened justice system, and ensure that law enforcement is able to focus on the most violent crimes. Learn more: