Jobs and Wages

The overarching challenge facing our county is to position Davidson County to succeed and prosper in the economy of the future. That means expanding agricultural markets and rebuilding our manufacturing base, but it also means training and providing workers for the new occupations and entrepreneurial opportunities that are emerging in a rapidly transforming global economy. 

Building a modern workforce is vital to the continued growth of Nashville's economy. Job creation and economic growth are hindered when industries are unable to attract and hire an adequately trained workforce. 

We must do more to bridge the skills gap in Davidson County. Erica will work to help establish a national emphasis at the K-12 level on science, computer, math and engineering skills.

She supports collaboration between technical and community colleges, industry, expanding apprenticeships and on-the-job training programs. Erica believes in rewarding companies with incentives to make job training available for workers interested in developing and improving their skill sets.

Erica understands that in order to grow our middle class, we must raise the minimum wage to help hard-working Nashvillians sustain a basic standard of living. Rather than having to choose between putting food on the table, getting to work or paying the rent, Nashvillians deserve a living wage that is consistent with our values. Raising the minimum wage is an important step to ensure that workers see the benefits of a growing economy. As a legislator, Erica is committed to continuing the fight to raise the minimum wage for Davidson County families. 

Economic uplift in rural Davidson County and urban communities cannot be achieved in the modern technological economy without online connectivity. Investing in a cost-free municipal wireless network that expands broadband capacity in these areas is one of Erica's top priorities.