Contact: S. Prescott Harris II

Thank You


Former Mayoral candidate and Councilwoman-at-large Erica Gilmore issued the following statement: 

Nashville, TN (May 25, 2018) - Over the past couple of months, as I traveled from Joelton to Antioch, people from all walks of life welcomed me into their homes and communities with open arms. From farmers markets to house parties I have shared fond moments with you all and for that I am grateful.

From affordable housing to criminal justice reform thank you for voicing your concerns to me. Thank you for the support, trust, and faith you placed in this campaign. And thank you for being a part of this movement.

Elections are about more than just a candidate. Elections are about fighting for the ideals and principles we believe in. They are about combating the greatest challenges of our time and championing new solutions. Finally, they are about ensuring that our city will continue to forge ahead for all Nashvillians for generations to come.

Although we came up a bit short, I am confident that together we will continue to work towards "One Nashville."

In the days, weeks, and months ahead I welcome the opportunity to work alongside Mayor David Briley and his administration to move our city forward.

I am confident that Nashville's best days are before us. Our city has a bright future, but we must work together to ensure that it is equitable, inclusive, and tolerant for all its residents.

Again, thank you so much for all you have done.


Erica Gilmore