Women and Children

Women are the bedrock of our homes, communities, and our nation. We must renew our commitment to helping them reclaim their dreams for themselves and their families. It's about implementing policies and legislation that offer them a helping hand, not a handout.  

Erica will continue to advocate for paycheck equity and work to close the wage gap between men and women. She understands that when we invest in women and girls, then, and only then can our communities, city, state, and nation thrive.  

A full-time job shouldn't mean a life in poverty. The federal minimum wage amounts to just $15,080 a year for full-time work. That translates into declining living standards, reduced economic mobility, and a shrinking middle class. It mires workers and our economy in an impoverishing cycle created by inadequate pay.

Erica is committed to ensuring that women working full time can earn a living wage that permits them to raise their families, and pay for basic needs such as food, transportation, housing, and affordable, universal quality childcare. She supports the Paycheck Fairness Act, which ensures that women receive the pay they have worked to earn. She is also committed to implementing policies that eliminate workplace discrimination to ensure Davidson County families have the financial security they deserve. 

We must do more to make quality child care – provided by well-trained and carefully screened adults – affordable for Davidson County families. We should start by providing additional tax breaks to Davidson County businesses that create on-site child-care centers or help their employees identify child-care services. Such a partnership between the federal government and business could improve access to quality child care for rural communities where working parents often face unique challenges.

In addition, Erica is committed and passionate about helping elect qualified women to public office from school board to the White House.